Here at Tom Smith, our designers and creatives work all year round to design beautiful Christmas crackers, wrap and cards. We love celebrating our staff and their talents, so this summer, meet our designers! We’ve already heard from Matt Jones and Jolene Pierce, and this week is the turn of Sarah Callis
A little bit about Sarah, in her own words:
I am proud to be English living and working in hilly South Wales. I love to design artwork across a wide range of products and especially working Christmas all year round, which is really fun. I was fortunate enough to get to meet the Queen in 2014 on behalf of Tom Smith which was my proudest moment to date.
What’s your role at Tom Smith and how long have you worked here?
I have worked for International Greetings and Tom Smith for almost 8 years. I started off as a sample maker, creating the sample products for customer presentations. These ranged from crackers, cards, bags and wrapping paper. After 2 or so years, I had the opportunity to join the design team and become a designer within the studio. I now enjoy designing a wide range of products for our fabulous signature range, Tom Smith.
Sarah Callis (1)
What’s your favourite part of your working day and why?
My favourite part of my working day is when I get to see a finished product that I have designed. It’s so rewarding to see your designs come to life and even better when they are in the shops at Christmas!
What do you most enjoy doing/creating in the Tom Smith range and why?
I love working on the Tom Smith luxury cards as they are really very special and unique with lots of nice finished and pretty add-ons.
What do you like to get up to in your spare time?
In my spare time, I enjoy walking and playing with my lovely dog Bryn who we got from the RSPCA. I love finishing work and coming home to his big smiling face. I also love designing at home. I have a range of personalised Art Prints and enjoy designing wedding stationery for friends.
Sarah Callis (2)
What’s your favourite part of a good old-fashioned Christmas dinner?
A Christmas dinner isn’t complete without crispy roast potatoes or Yorkshire puddings, even with turkey!
What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

I remember receiving a computer from my parents which I thought was amazing as it was just for me. It meant that I could draw using my computer and I also remember being very keen on interior design at the time, playing on a program which enabled you to design your whole house! I thought that was great!

Sarah Callis (3)