As soon as nights start drawing in and we’re all looking forward to something to cheer us up, Christmas ads start blossoming on our screens.

Since #ManintheMoon trended on Twitter and had us all reaching for our hankies, we thought we’d have a think about our other favourite Christmas ads over the years…

Holidays are Coming

No blog post about Christmas ads would be able to begin without everyone’s age-old favourite. You’ve probably got the tune in your head right now (we definitely do). It speaks to the excitement that we’ve all got something to look forward to to brighten up winter.

The ad is so famous that we’re definitely getting excited about the actual Coca-Cola truck tour – didn’t Coca-Cola turn Santa red too? Or is that simply an urban myth?

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BBC’s Wallace & Gromit Christmas, 1995

It’s hard to believe that there’s a time that Shaun the Sheep wasn’t part of the public consciousness. Back in 1995, A Close Shave premiered on BBC Two in Christmas Eve – so the Christmastime idents all featured our favourite cheese-loving inventor and dog, Wallace and Gromit.

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Unicef’s Three Wise Men, 2012

Tongue-in-cheek but secretly meaningful – a perfectly British attitude to Christmas.


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Sainsbury’s Christmas is for Sharing

Made in partnership with the British legion, and especially poignant in 2014 to look back at events 100 years ago, this Sainsburys advert helps us to remember those we lost, as well as those currently serving overseas this Christmas.

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ASDA’s Christmas ad 1994

Cheeky, cheerful, and with Santa offering that famous ‘that’s ASDA price’ back-pocket-pat.

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…and ASDA’s offering from 2014

Focusing on all the best things about Christmas:

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Boots 2013

Is he doing something he shouldn’t be doing? Or is he being really thoughtful, but a bit embarrassed about it? We love that it keeps you guessing.

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Follow the Fairies! M&S 2014

This magical addition is perfect for creating excitement and a sprinkle of glitter too – something everyone needs this time of year!

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An OXO Christmas

In memory of the late, great Lynda Bellingham, we can’t forget these wonderful family adverts from the 80s.

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A Tom Smith Cracker

We commissioned this video earlier this year to celebrate the history of Tom Smith, as well as showing all of our Christmas viewers how we create the crackers in our UK centre today.

We hope you like it!

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