As you might have guessed, we’re big fans of Christmas here at Tom Smith. Decorations, lights, cheer, we love everything about this time of year – and we also love the delicious treats that start filling up our shelves! Another thing that goes hand in hand with Christmas? Pinterest! Our favourite new Social Media platform, if you’ve never used it before prepare to wile away the hours discovering an incredible abundance of gorgeous things to make and do!
So without further ado, here are Tom Smith’s top ten Christmas recipes. Like any good Christmas dinner, we’ll start with the savoury and move on to the sweet!


1. Filled Brioche with Baked Camembert

What a way to start a Christmas dinner!

2. Pomegranate-Jewelled White Cheese Bite

These look absolutely spectacular, and we’re sure they taste incredible… but we’re far too worried about making a mess of it if we try to make them!


3. Spiced Roast Goose

All right, it’s not a turkey, but in our defence, goose is the original traditional British Christmas bird!

4. Goodwill Pie

A gorgeous, glistening vegetarian delight! What a colourful Christmas treat.


5. Swirled Christmas Bombe

We can’t believe how gorgeous this dessert looks… it’s probably incredibly fiddly to make. Good thing the Tom Smith team are used to making crackers by hand!


6. Sparkling Cranberry White Chocolate Cake

We’re dreaming of a white Christmas… a white Christmas chocolate cake!


7. Probably Best Eggnog in the World

One thing we learned from this recipe: eggnog was originally called posset!

8. Mulled Wine

We also love mulled wine’s lighter sibling, mulled cider.

Sweet Treats

9. Homemade Cranberry & Toffee White Chocolates

Now these are exactly what we like to see – delicious, easy to make, and a noble use of the ice-cube trays that we don’t use in wintertime!

10. White & Red Velvet Fudge

We’ve been gazing longingly at this fudge for a while now… so festive and so very pretty!