Last Friday we were thrilled to join the other members of the Highgrove Association at the Annual General Meeting. As Royal Warrant Holders and members of the Royal Warrant and the Highgrove Association, we really enjoy being able to support the regular events that they put on.  The Highgrove Association is a local Association of the Royal Warrant Holders who are close to a particular Royal Residence.
A huge congratulations and a big thank you to the committee and Greg, the previous Association President. We were lucky enough to host Greg, along with many other members at our factory in November last year.
At the Hare and Hound we rounded in the new committee before a fantastic dinner. To top it off this year, our Brand Manager Katie, is ecstatic to join the Highgrove Association committee. Take a look at a few of the snaps she took below.
IMG_2400 IMG_2407 IMG_2392 IMG_2391
IMG_2396IMG_2410IMG_2389 IMG_2377 IMG_2378 IMG_2373 IMG_2381 IMG_2379 IMG_2403 IMG_2401