Continuing our theme of exploring Christmas around the world, our next stop is the land down under! Christmas in Australia is a fascinating event for us to explore because being around the other side of the world, really turns everything we Brits associate with Christmas on it’s head.

Because of the time difference, Australia is obviously the first stop for Santa Claus. The Southern hemisphere also means that the seasons are in complete reverse to the wintery weather we expect of a British Christmas time. Instead of holding out hope for a white Christmas our Aussie friends expect clear skies and blistering hot sunshine as December is in the height of their Summer. So there are no robins to speak of, no need to wrap up warm and no sleds to pull (unless they’re on a beach!).

burgers cooking on barbecue

As Australia has many British customs, lots of the same traditions have still made it to the other side of the world however. Carolling is still common and many people do pull Christmas Crackers at their festive feasts! The food itself however, is often classic Australian fare, like barbecued meats and cold buffets to eat on the beach!


Pretty female enjoying surfing on summer vacation

Catching some surf instead of a sleigh

Whilst in the UK we might watch out for a Robin red-breast or maybe leave a carrot out for Rudolf, Australian’s have very different wildlife to contend with at Christmas time! According to a recent news story in the Guardian one unfortunate lady found a snake hiding in her tinsel! We’re glad we don’t have any poisonous beasties lurking around our tree in blighty, but we might just double check the tree just in case!

Imagery source: Graphic Stock.