A few years ago, we began collecting historic Tom Smith Crackers in our Tom Smith ‘Treasure Hunt’. Most recently we received the most wonderful letter and package from a Mrs Shepherd with some truly fabulous treasures inside.

Below are some gorgeous pictures of the 1950s crackers with beautiful festive details. These highly decorative crackers were in their original boxes all decorated with the Royal Warrant Crest still as it is today.

We loved hearing Mrs Shepherd’s tales of her previous family Christmases:

“I have included a copy of a photo I found from the early 1950’s of Christmas just after the War. You will see the table is set with what I think are the Dark Green crackers that had the holly on them.¬†

The curtains in the picture sort of date the picture for me as material rationing was still in use and that was all the material one could buy.

One memory I have as a child was collecting up all the ‘frills’ from each end of the cracker and in those days they were wired in place and easier to remove. Them I would wire and sew them together and make dresses for my dolls so that they could be Cinderella and go to the ball.

Every year it was a great event to go to London and find the most beautiful box of crackers my mother could find and then she would base her colour scheme for parcels on them; and I still do, as does my daughter, My grand daughter is even picking up the idea as she checks with me as to where her wrapping matches with me.

Wrapping parcels has always been a big events and still is, sometimes we are all still wrapping (in our various homes) till 3am on Christmas morning, highly decorated in ribbon and often the previous year’s cracker tops.”

We’d like to extend our most sincere thanks to Mrs Shepherd and her family for sharing their story with us along with these beautiful products. We’ll be keeping them safe and sound in our growing Tom Smith archive. To see the other items we’ve collected over the last few years just click here.