Background to the Art Deco Style

Art Deco originated in the roaring 20s in Western Europe and North America and gathered momentum throughout the 30s too. Featuring in decorative arts, furniture, architecture and fashion, Art Deco was tied with the modernist era and shown in both luxury items and in mass production too. Common features of the trends were geometric shapes, opulent and expensive textures and curved sun beam shapes. Mirrored surfaces, brass colours and glassware is also often used to accent art deco designs. Think Great Gatsby!

Our Favourite Modern Art Deco Trends

In the modern day Art Deco elements have already been seen on the runways of Prada last year ready for their Spring  / Summer 2017 collection and even in their perfume bottles too.

One of our own, Welsh designer Bethan Gray, often uses beautiful natural materials such as leather and marble with gold accents. Winner of Best British Designer in 2013, her products are available in top galleries and leading retailers such as Harrods.

Here is the studded detail created with the hammer #handmade #stud #leather #brass #handcrafted #bethangray

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Tom Smith 2017 Features

Featuring heavily in the latest collection of crackers, gift wrap, accessories and gift bags are some beautiful art deco elements.

Chairman’s Choice Cracker

Every year, the Chairman’s Choice cracker is the creme de la creme of festive table decorations. Our signature piece, it sets the tone for our entire range and features iconic design as well as high-end gifts. Always a larger than usual design, the hand-finished crackers all have that distinctive ‘crack’ when pulled and are wide-barrelled for an imposing luxury aesthetic.

This year, the crackers feature a distinctive art deco golden fan shape, alternated with clean bolder lines in gold and black. Each is hand-tied with luxury ribbon and beading.

Gold and Cream ‘Christmas Classics’

Alongside the Chairman’s Choice crackers, we’ve also enhanced our range of 14″ wide-barrelled crackers this year. These cream and gold designs are easy to match with a festive colour scheme and feature a beautiful scalloped  edge with gold foiling. The diamond geometric shapes are reminiscent of traditional glass tree decorations and also feature on out brand-new gift bags.