Meet Hayley Butler! Hayls is one of our Design managers here at Tom Smith and Giftmaker. After working in our team for four years, Hayley researches trends and plans the Tom Smith and Giftmaker ranges to create products that are new and exciting. As a Design Manager she is responsible for writing the creative briefs for the designers to use as a starting point, and overseeing the product designs from initial creation, through to mock up stage, and finally through to production.

What have you learned that’s new this year?

This year has been a really steep learning curve for me after starting in my new role as a Design Manager! From learning all about both the Tom Smith and Giftmaker brands, how to create briefs for the design team, and how to plan a range of products that co-ordinate. Everyday has taught me something new!

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Seeing a brief come to life when a designer creates something fantastic! Seeing a design go from on screen, to mock up, and finally getting to see production samples is really exciting! Now I can’t wait to see the new products out and about in stores ready for Christmas!

If you could swap your job for a week with someone else at the company, what would it be and why?

I think I would swap places with someone who takes part in Far East visits to factories & suppliers.  I took part in these type of trips in a previous job, and I really miss being able to travel with work.

Who is your favourite person at work and why?

 Rather than a favourite person, I have a favourite team of people! I have been a part of the export design team from day one at Design Group, and they are the best bunch! We have become friends, not just colleagues and often find time outside work for meals, nights out and catch ups together.

What are your hobbies?

Now that my time in work is not as design heavy, I like to find time outside of work to switch on my mac, and create some artwork for family and friends. I love creating personalised designs for friends’ birthdays or weddings.

I also enjoy going to yoga classes as it really helps me to relax and de-stress when life gets busy!

What is your favourite colour?

Mint Green. Anything I see in this colour I have to buy, from stationary to converse trainers!

What is your fondest memory whilst working for the company?

My fondest memory is creating our puzzle pieces for the ‘What makes you smile’ puzzle piece project which helped to raise money for Operation Smile.

We always have lots of events to raise money for charities such as bake sales, choir performances, and the occasional fancy dress!

What’s your favourite Tom Smith Product?

My favourite product is the Handmade cards as they offer something a bit more special for the festive season. With 3D layers, bows, glitter and even mini charm add ons, the handmade cards are eye-catching and luxurious.

What’s your favourite Tom Smith fact / or history moment?

Tom Smith received it’s first Royal Warrant in 1910 from King George V. For over 100 years the brand has supplied crackers to the Royal family which I think is pretty incredible to think of how many of our crackers have graced the tables at Royal households in that time!

What would be your ideal content in your cracker?

A plane ticket to travel around the world of course!

What’s your favourite 2017 Tom Smith trend and why?

My favourite 2017 trend is Kraft. I love the more natural look that this trend has, which looks great when paired with raffia/ jute ribbon ties on wrapped parcels.

The trend has a lovely woodland feel, and I particularly like the quirky and cute woodland characters!

What’s your favourite part of Christmas?

My favourite part of Christmas is the build up in the weeks beforehand. Visiting Christmas markets, decorating the tree with family, Christmas baking and getting cosy by the fire to wrap some presents are my favourite parts of the season! And not forgetting watching my favourite Christmas movie, Elf!