It’s that time of year where we show you the people behind your Christmas Crackers! This week, meet Mat who’s our creative designer from Cardiff. He designs artwork for the Tom Smith range and he’s always on hand to fix any technical issues the designers have when working in the studio! 

Mat answered a few of our questions this Christmas so take a look below to find out more about him and his role here at Tom Smith!

1.          How long have you worked here? 

 I’ve worked at Design Group for just shy of 6 years and I’ve recently moved onto the Tom Smith team this year which is very exciting

2.            Who is your Instagram obsession and why?

Who doesn’t love a cute dog instagram?! My two new current obsessions are @ella_theromanianresue and @skye_the_westie_pup.

From a design perspective I also really love @thornbackandpeel. The quality of drawing is really incredible

3.            What colour is your Christmas theme at home this year and why? 

We have quite traditional colours in our house. Lots of reds, golds and greens. We also like woodland animals a lot and a quite a few of our Christmas tree decorations are woodland themed (We put a hedgehog wearing a Santa’s hat atop our tree instead of a star or an angel haha)

 4.            Do you have any family Christmas traditions? 

 Nothing particularly unusual but we always think its a good idea to go for a walk after Christmas dinner and we always regret it half way through because we are all so full of food! Every year we say we wont do that next year and every year somehow we forget haha!

5.            Can you give us any hints for what to look out for next year? 

 I can’t tell you that! I’d end up on Santa’s naughty list for giving away Tom Smith secrets! 

6.            What’s the best gift you’ve ever given? 

I don’t usually make gifts but one year I made a gift for my gran. Every year she asks for ferrero rocher chocolates, so to make it a little more interesting than just buying a box of chocolates I took them and made them into a pineapple! I found it really difficult to get them all to stick together and it took me ages! It might not be the best gift I’ve ever given but definitely had the best reaction.

 9.            What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

 When I was younger my parents bought me a GIANT art box from WHSmiths. This box was almost too big for me to carry and had all the art supplies a 10 year old could ever need. Thinking about it, Its probably one of the reasons I’m a designer today.

8.          What’s your favourite line of TS products this year and why? 

I love the Krafty Christmas range. I really appreciate how simple yet effective the cute characters are and the colour scheme really brings the whole thing together. That’s what I will be wrapping my gifts in this year!

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