In the run up to Christmas our designers just like everyone else are getting excited for Santa arriving! Next up in our Meet the Designer Series is Rebekah: She’s brand new to our team so we though it was time we got to know her properly. She’s worked here with us at IG Design Group for two months and specifically on the Tom Smith range for just a few weeks!

1. Who is your instagram obession and why?

I have for too many instagram obsessions. A few are @hollieart, @ana_godis, @punziella and @jeremyfenskeart- all super talented illustrators and inspirations of mine.

2. What colour is your Christmas theme at home this year and why?

The christmas theme at home is very traditional and old school. The same decs and baubles that have survived for 30 years and about 5 house moves (though we’ve had some new ones in this year!)

3. Do you have any family Christmas traditions?

My christmas tradition is to spend the big day with my mums side of the family, have a massive wholesome dinner with a few too many pigs-in-blankets and pass out by 8pm. Boxing day is reserved for my dads side of the family where we have lovely meal out and sometimes enjoy the pantomine. On christmas eve; a spring clean, new pyjamas, a take away and The Grinch movie is a must!

4. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

The best gift I’ve ever given is… my presence? My time and energy? I might need to step up my game… 

5. What’d the best gift you’ve ever received?

The best gift I’ve ever received is Nellie, a six foot stuffed Diplodocus dinosaur, or the limited edition pink PSP I begged for as a child. A 300 piece Prismacolor pencil set was also pretty sweet. I’m always a lucky so and so at christmas.

6. What’s your favourite line of Tom Smith products this year and why?

My favourite line of Tom Smith this year is Krafty Christmas! Super fun and adorable.