Did you now our design team are already finishing off our 2019 ranges? Well, there are only 361 days left you know!

Next up in our meet the designer series is Leanne. She’s lives in Cardiff, with her boyfriend and Westie puppy. One of our Assistant Design managers, she loves working on different accounts. We asked her a few questions about herself!

1. What’s your favourite part of your work?

I love being involved in meetings with Customers and then managing all the design aspects of a project from beginning to end. One of my highlights this year was to have worked on the Royal crackers which has been such an honour and such a rewarding project.

2. How long have you been with us?

I have worked at IG Design Group for about 3 and a half years and during this time I’ve worked on several different accounts. I have been working on the Tom Smith Catering ranges and the Royal crackers for just over a year.

3. Who’s your Instagram obsession?

I follow quite a lot of people on Instagram but I’m slightly obsessed with Gorka Marquez from Strictly! He’s just so Gorgeous. I also love Louise Tiler, her designs are soo nice and the photographs are nicely shot.

4. What’s your Christmas theme at home this year?

I tend to have a similar Christmas colour theme year on year in my home. I’m all about the beautiful dusky pinks with golds and coppers. I love a luxurious pretty look, which compliments my Mixed metallic theme in my living room. Sometimes I have 2 trees, my second tree usually offers a fun more vibrant colour scheme with Reds, Purples, Pinks, Golds. It’s a little more eclectic, with Decorations from places I’ve travelled to, and ornaments I’ve collected along the way.

5. What’s your favourite part of Christmas?

I love Christmas eve! It’s my favourite day of the year! That’s when I go over to my parents house, eat M&S biscuits (yes the amazing chocolate ones of course!) have a drink, get into my PJ’s and watch films all day long. It’s just the best.

6. Any clues for what’s to come in 2019?

Well this year I’m loving the whole Navy and Rose Gold trend, and I feel this maybe around for a little while, especially with all the Mystical/magical trends that are being seen in the high street. I’m very tempted to mix it up next year and have this as my Christmas theme.

7. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

Thats a tough one. I did buy a ‘Sub’ for my boyfriend 2 Christmas’s ago. He loves it. He can basically pull his own chilled pints in our home.

8. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

When I was teenager, my parents bought me a High Fi stereo system with surround sound. I absolutely loved it. I’m really into my music and I still have this Stereo in my studio today.

9. What’s your favourite Tom Smith line this year?

My favourite line in the TS range this year definitely has to be the ‘Midnight Stars’ Navy and Rose Gold 14” embossed Crackers. I think they’re just so pretty. I also really like the 12” Party crackers, I could see my family playing the games around our Christmas table.