A Tom Smith Sustainable Christmas

Last year at Tom Smith, we took positive steps towards reducing the environmental impact of our range. That journey is still very much a key part of our strategy as we make even more improvements to our 2021 product offer. It is no secret by now that single-use and micro-plastics are materials that must be eradicated if we are to protect our environment for future generations. As the leading cracker brand, Tom Smith has a responsibility to take this seriously; as such, all plastic decorations from the necks of our crackers have been removed – allowing the beauty of our designs to take centre stage. That’s not all, we have also increased our offer of fully recyclable crackers across each key format and further enhanced our cracker contents which are either recyclable or keepsake items.

Protecting the environment doesn’t start and stop with removing plastic and glitter. CO2 emissions are just as important. All Tom Smith wrap is made right here in the UK at our own manufacturing site, supporting the local economy and drastically reducing carbon emissions compared to overseas alternatives. We also continue our partnership with The Woodland Trust, participating in a fully accredited carbon removal scheme that operates under the UK Government’s Woodland Carbon Code. IG Design Group UK has funded over 29,250 m2 of native woodland in the UK to ensure the CO2 emissions we create from our sea freight activity is fully absorbed from the atmosphere and stored by trees as they grow. We mitigate 1,170 tonnes of emissions annually as part of our carbon management programme.

Alongside our UK-made wrap, we are very proud to present our first range of entirely UK-made cards. Please turn to page 102 to see the designs which are all printed on recyclable FSC paper, using simplistic packaging to reduce material waste.

Our ethical efforts go further than the environment.

For a third consecutive year, Tom Smith will be supporting The Trussell Trust, a charity focussed on ending hunger and poverty in the UK. The charity supports a nationwide network of food banks to provide emergency food to people locked in poverty, whilst campaigning for change to end the need for food banks in the UK. To date, Tom Smith has donated in excess of £80,000 to this important charity.

In 2021, all new products, packaging and this catalogue have been sourced as FSC. This is clearly identified on all designs to illustrate how serious we are about offering a sustainable Christmas.

The Trussell Trust Reg. Charity in England & Wales (Registered charity no. 1110552), Scotland (Registered charity no. SC044246)